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          Branch: JinLei Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

          Mob: 13925415705  Angela

          Mail: angela@jljmjx.com

          Add:No.3,Haiyu 1st Rd.,Fuan industrial Zone,Leliu town,Shunde District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China.

          injection rubber mould

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          injection rubber mould


          Injection Rubber Mould / Injection Rubber Mold
          1,rich experience 
          2,OEM,design offered
          3,ISO certified

          4,Long Mold life

          Injection Rubber Mould / Injection Rubber Mold: Injection Level Rubber Compounds Rubber  Moulds for O-rings, KeyPads,etc
          1, Our facilities: CNCs, milling machine, Lathe, grinder, line cutting, EDM, drilling Rocker, carved machines and other equipment
          2, Our capabilities: Prototypes, Plastic Injection Molds, Rubber Moulds, Injection Rubber Moulds, Compression Molds, Blow Molds, Hot runner Molds, IML-IMD Molds, SMC Molds, Aluminum Molds, PU Molds, Two-colors Moulds, Over Molding, Rotational Molds, Insert Molding, Heat-treating, Polishing, Plating, Painting, Logo Printing, Assembly, etc
          3, Applications of our products
           Packaging, Electronics, Sports Equipment,Furniture, Toys, Medical, Automotive, Road safety products, etc.
          4, Our factory capacity and machine information        
           Molds production: up to 10 Tons
          Injection molding machine: 80 tons to 500Tons
          Blow molding machines: From 1L to 350 L
          5, Materials used in production
          Rubber, Silicone, PP, ABS, Nylon, PC, PMMA,PE, PS, PC/ABC, PBT, APG, PES, PEEK, POM
          6, Mold Material
          45#,P20,718,2738, NAK80,S136 etc.